Gilbert the Goanna on a mission to plant trees, accepting donations using Andpay — Algorand Payments

Gilbert the Goanna is the genesis piece from Algorand’s breakout NFT series, Al Goanna. The entire NFT project is fully inspired by Algorand’s commitment to sustainability and carbon neutral approach. The project already contributed in planting 30,000 native trees and shrubs in Southern Western Australia.

The Al Goanna project team has now teamed up with the current owners of Gilbert the Goanna to launch a new initiative to plant even more trees. Thereby trying to change the narrative that NFT’s are bad for the environment.

Gilbert the Goanna — over 30,000 trees planted

50.000 trees planted before end of year

With the new platform being launched, called, it becomes that much easier to help Gilbert the Goanna reaching its mission towards planting even more trees. The platform is using Andpay as the native payment service provider to directly accept donations for more trees to be planted.

“Being able to make it accessible to contribute to the tree planting project using Algos was a key component of the website. Andpay provided an intuitive and stable solution that was straight forward to implement. We are excited to use this platform to support the planting of trees and drive real world impacts through NFTs” says Al Goanna founder Benji.

This should help Gilbert pushing the reach of the NFT project further and reaching their short-term goal of planting 50,000 trees before end of year. If you haven’t done so — make sure to donate some Algo. Do it for the Gilbert the Goanna and the environmental impact it will have.

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The first pure payment service provider that makes payments fast and simple, fully leveraging the Algorand blockchain.

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Andpay - Algorand Payments

Andpay - Algorand Payments

The first pure payment service provider that makes payments fast and simple, fully leveraging the Algorand blockchain.

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